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Organic Vegetables

Since 2016, the A La Mode Team has been specializing in making your vision a reality. From in-flight catering to your corporate needs, we have a team prepared to accommodate any requests that you may have.


The extent of products and services that we offer is only limited to your imagination. Our goal is to be the best at everything we do and allow our clients to shine. We have carved niches in both the corporate and private jet sectors. What makes us successful is our diversity and our ability to adapt to any situation or event.

Food Plate
In-Flight Expectations

We understand that each flight is unique and is always different. Our team is prepared 24/7 to ensure your exclusive flight is made even more special.


From a clients specific meal requirements to specific florals on board, our team is with you every step of the way to ensure your flight is an unforgettable one.

Think of our in-flight menu as a guideline rather than a requirement to choose from. Our chefs are always open to your must-haves on board & accommodating individual needs.

A La Mode In-Flight is acknowledged as one of the top private jet caterer in Canada and continues to innovate and transform the in-flight catering scene.

A La Mode Commitment
  • Food production that is of the highest quality and consistency

  • Understanding our customers needs and wants

  • Carefully selecting our suppliers

  • Doing our part to be as environmentally friendly with our packaging and production.

  • Instructing and guiding our staff accordingly

  • Staff members will operate under our already strict food safety guidelines

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